Connection during COVID-19

During the time of Covid-19, many of us find ourselves separated from partners and loved ones, with no firm idea as to when we’ll see each other again.

For folks whose love languages involve physical touch, or acts of service, this can be particularly more difficult. Kitten and I have decided to share ways that you can build connection/dynamic with your partners, friends or family even during this difficult time of low-no physical contact.

Words of affirmation

D: This one is probably the easiest right now, text/call/FaceTime your partner and tell them why you like them! Wake them up with a good morning text with reasons why they are a good boy/girl/slut/puppy/baby etc.

Make a post on social media about them and tell everyone why you like them. Tell them about what you want to do with them when all of this is over. Remind them every day that it’s going to be okay and you’re there for them. Better yet, ask them what they need to hear during these times so you can be sure you’re making them feel loved and cared for. 

k: Times are tough right now and sometimes we’re on a short fuse. Be sure to avoid harsh words and language (unless you’re like me and that gets you off, hehe), and unnecessary criticisms. We’re all trying our best.

Quality time

k: FaceTime – intentional dates (movies, dinner, games) or sharing “space” (doing your own thing while on video chat). 

D: Using Zoom as a way to watch movies together, since you can share your screen with the other person. Kitten & I will often just hangout via video chat but be doing separate things and not necessarily even talking. I usually will be studying / making music and she might be cooking or watching tv. In a time where connection is scarce, it can feel like the person’s presence is with you.

Receiving gifts

k: Send something through the mail! Write each other letters, build fun care packages, send a dildo! Or donate to an organization under your partners name etc. 

D: Send them something useful like a water bottle so they get to think about you every time they drink water, or something pretty like a drawing they can hang on their wall to stare at lovingly. The possibilities are here endless.

Acts of service

k: I’m a service oriented human, and within our D/s dynamic, there are things I do for Daddy that I can’t do right now because of the pandemic. A way I fulfill my need to serve is by being her calendar and reminder. I will order food to her house when she is going to get take-out. Daddy has also developed a schedule and routine for me to follow. This counts as service because I get to help her throughout the day, and she provides care by structuring mine. 

Physical touch

D: People who find comfort from physical touch are hurting a lot right now. All we want to do is give our partners a hug or a pet or an orgasm or two, or five… Some ways to meet this love language include; 

  • Buy a soft blanket or stuffed animal to send to them! They will appreciate feeling wrapped in warmth or being able to hold something that reminds them of you!
  • For sexier times, a vibrator that can be controlled from a distance such as WeVibe or the Max 2 are great ideas. You can be in charge of when and how they get to feel pleasure from it.


As we add kink/scenes more into the mix this can be difficult. Here’s some ideas you can do for a scene over video call; 

  • If your sub / bottom has an implement (crop/paddle/wooden spoon.. etc), direct them where to hit themselves / how hard. Ask them a series of questions and for every wrong or right answer they get a hit. This can be a reward or punishment. Choose your own adventure! 
  • For pet players, teach your pet a new trick! If they are a good pet, have them give themselves a treat every time they do it right! (This would be a good time for the remote controlled vibrator).
  • For all the bootblacks out there, sit down with your leather, and do a mock bootblack scene. Have your Dom / Top direct and judge your bootshine. Humping their boots? Be sure to lick them clean. No mirror finish? Do it again!
  • Now is an excellent time to play with chastity. Again, this can be a punishment or a reward. For the times when you do give your sub / bottom permission, set conditions on how many times they have to edge, or whether they can cum at all.
  • As recently featured on princess’s Instagram and our onlyfans, play a game of cards. Assign a different action to every suit. Hearts = paddle hit, King = scratch, etc).Then for whatever the number is, that’s how many times the action happens. Have your sub / bottom pick a card out of their deck or yours and sit back with a big smile and watch them be in pain. 
  • For all the age players out there, you can do a scene that is teaching your little ‘how to touch themselves.’ I’m sure you can be creative with that. 

It’s important to remember that not everything is for everyone, and the way you interpret a love language may be different than your partner. So be sure to communicate! What actions and vocabulary best represent specific love languages to them? What should be avoided? You can yell as loud as you want in one language but your partner might not understand it unless it’s in theirs. Take that into consideration, and take time to think about what you need as well.

Stay safe, and stay horny. 


Much love, 

Daddy & kitten.

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