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Self grounding with kink


An essay style writing where Daddy talks about her experience with gender identity, and all the transitions along the way.

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Connection During COVID-19

During this global pandemic, many of us have been forced to social distance from our partners. This distance is painful and difficult. This article goes over some techniques for keeping the spark alive during social distancing.

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Daddy’s Hunting Trip

An erotic short story in which Daddy takes Princess a hunting trip into the forest where Princess is the one who ends up being hunted. Knife play and fucking, anyone?

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Daddy Deserves to Cum: Receiving Pleasure as a Dom

Daddy discusses her feelings and experience with receiving pleasure while maintaining a D/s power exchange.

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Going Public: Taking Kink from the Bedroom to the Dungeon

Princess discusses her experience with publicly playing for the very first time at a kink conference play party.

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Thinking About Top Drop

Top drop is the low period doms sometimes feel after dropping out of the dom space, following a BDSM scene. Daddy discusses her experience in identifying and navigating her top drop.

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Dom Space: An Exploration of Power

Dom space is a powerful psychological state that some doms enter during kink scenes. Daddy talks about how it feels for her to enter and navigate the high feelings of dom space.

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Welcome kinky queers of all flavors. This post is meant to build some context for you around my experiences with queer kink and the reasons why I started this blog.

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Sub Aftercare: Identifying Post-Play Needs

As a sub/bottom/little, it’s important to think about what you want from the aftercare. Princess talks about her experience with identifying what she needs from her aftercare.

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Disclaimer! Articles on this blog are written from a place of exploration, not expertise. I do not speak with absolute authority on kink. I hope the articles will serve as conduits through which the queer kink community will continue to become more visible, knowledgable, and accessible. These are my personal experiences and/or researched topics.
QUEER KINK EDUCATORS! If you would like to write for the Butch Daddy blog, I would love to hear from you and share your voice on this platform! Please reach out using this form.

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