Daddy's Hunting Trip

Written by Princess


It was a long car ride out into the forest. The sun was starting to fall behind the trees ahead, making their shadows stretch for miles along the mountain highway. Daddy was driving, one hand on the wheel and the other holding a lit cigarette. She wore a pair of waxed canvas overalls over a red plaid flannel, the chain from her wallet tucked into the front pocket of the bib. As we furthered up the mountain pass, the air began to chill.

           “Daddy, are you sure I’m going to be warm enough?” I asked, feeling my skin prick into goosebumps across my legs.

            She looked over at me, slowly tracing her gaze up my body from my fishnetted thighs to my pink velour shorts and bralette to the white leather collar around my neck. Her eyes were filled with hunger by the time they met mine. “You’ll be fine, Princess. Cold fresh air will do some good for a little girl like you. Builds character.”

            I loved the way she looked at me, like something she could swallow in one bite. “Okay, Daddy,” I said.  

She flicked her cigarette butt out the open window and used her free hand to reach over, grasping one of my thighs tightly beneath her strong palm. We came upon an unmarked bend in the road and she took the turn, sending the car down a narrow trail into the woods. She continued driving until the road came to an end and spilled out into an empty gravel parking lot. Once the car was parked, she turned to me again with the same hungry expression.

            “You never told me what exactly we are hunting today, Daddy.”

            She smiled and opened her car door. “You’ll see soon enough, Princess. Now get out.”

            I nodded dutifully and got out of the car, closing the door behind me. I shivered in the cold, noticing the snow lining the edges of the parking lot and on the ground in the forest around me. My blonde hair fluttered across my back in the light breeze. A sharp, metallic sound sliced through the silent forest air, making me jump. I turned around to see Daddy still sitting in the driver’s seat, leaning out with her work boots on the ground as she sharpened a long silver knife. I walked around to her side of the car with my arms wrapped around my shoulders in an attempt to say warm.

            “Aren’t you going to get out too?” I asked, watching her drag the blade of the knife along the sharpening rod with focused precision.

            She didn’t look up from her work. “Not yet, baby girl. Not yet.”

            I furrowed my brow and cocked my hip. “Why did you want me to get out then? It’s so cold,” I whined.

            She rested the blade on her knee and moved her attention to me, her expression suddenly very serious. “Because, my sweet Princess, I’m giving you a head start.”

            “A head start?” Nerves fluttered into my stomach.

            “Yes,” she said, a smile on her lips, “I want you to follow the path ahead of you and find yourself a nice little hiding spot. Somewhere far enough into the forest that nobody will be able to hear you.”

            As she spoke, my eyes travelled to the back seat of the car where a thick coil of chains had been neatly placed. “But what if I get lost?” I asked, my voice shaking.

            “Don’t worry little girl, Daddy will find you.”

I started my hike into the woods slowly, my black boots sinking into the layer of snow with each step. Every few minutes I turned back, looking down the trail to see if Daddy was following, but the forest was completely still. The trees were getting thicker around me, their branches obscuring any residual warmth or light from the setting sun. Fear started to fill me as I continued to walk. I wanted to find a good hiding spot like Daddy said, but the dark was making me jumpy and I yearned to find a spot where the sunlight still shone through. Ahead of me I saw a glimmer of light, a clearing only a little bit further down the path. I picked up my pace, eager to reach it. Just as I quickened my steps, I heard a branch snap in the distance behind me. I shiver ran down my spine and I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Daddy?” I called out into the darkness, but no response came. My heart began to pound in my throat as I stood perfectly still, straining to hear for her voice. The silence of the forest was broken only by a rustling sound, this time a little closer. “Daddy?” I yelled once more, hearing the panic in my own voice. Again, no response. I squinted down the dusky path behind me, trying to make out signs of movement among the shadows. As I looked through the trees, I saw something big dash across the path.

           I broke into a run, terror propelling me forward as the snow crunched loudly beneath my boots. I made it into the clearing, gasping for air and fighting to stay focused. The snow was deep here, it blanketed the forest floor with glittering mounds of white punctuated by stumps and twigs. I tromped through the snow, my boots sinking further with each haphazard step. I saw a stump in the middle of the clearing just big enough for me to hide behind. With my remaining strength I hurtled myself behind it, crouching low with my head between my knees and my fingers grasping at the bark to hold myself steady. I could feel my blood pumping through my body. I tried to slow my breath enough to listen to the forest.

Something, or someone, was making noise on the path. It was a thudding that echoed through the trees, the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps. I heard the jingle of chains with each step. Daddy, I thought with a rush of relief that turned to fear as I remembered her knife. The footsteps were close now, she had entered the clearing.

I felt a hand grip around the hair at the base of my neck, forcing my head up from between my knees. I whimpered from the pain of my hair being pulled hard at the root. Daddy looked down at me with a sadistic smile on her lips. The coil of chain was wrapped around her shoulder and I saw the silver knife glinting in her other hand.

           “You call that a hiding spot, Princess?”         

           “I’m sorry, Daddy,” I gasped, “I got scared.”

           “You got scared, little girl?” she mocked me, her voice tinged with amusement. “Well, you didn’t do as I told you. This is not the best hiding spot you could find. Do you know what happens to little girls who don’t do what they’re told?”

           I shook my head, biting my lip in fear. She pulled me up by my hair until I was standing in front of her. I stumbled to find my footing in the snow as she pushed my body up against hers. Her hand moved out of my hair and clasped around the front of my neck, closing off my airway so I couldn’t speak.

           “They get punished,” she murmured into my ear.  

            I felt a quiver run through my body from my neck down to my clit. She released my neck and pushed me forward into the snow. I landed on my knees and forearms with my face pressed into the cold snow. My cheeks burned as they touched the ice.

            “Put your arms behind your back,” Daddy commanded in a low voice.

I hastened to follow her command, moving my face so I was teetering with one cheek against the snow and the other facing up towards her. My knees were starting to tingle with painful numbness. Daddy unhooked the coiled chain from her shoulder and threw it onto my back where it landed with a cold, hard thud. She wrapped the chains gruffly around my wrists, pulling them tightly together. Once she had finished binding my wrists, her hands traveled along the small of my back and onto my ass. Despite the agonizing cold, I felt my body flood with warmth at her touch. I let out a little moan.

“You like that, Princess?” she asked quietly as she lowered into a crouch behind me.

            “Yes, Daddy,” I breathed.

She chuckled, bringing the knife to rest on the skin of my thigh. “You little pain slut, I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

I knew what was coming next, and it filled me with both terror and lust. She pulled up the hem of my little shorts and rubbed the flat edge of the blade in a slow, circular pattern on my ass. The metal was smooth and icy against me. Adrenaline was pumping through me, making my eyelids go heavy. I closed my eyes as I felt the blade lift from my skin. There was a moment of anticipation, of utter stillness. I held my breath.

            When the flat blade came to slap down on my ass, it sent an excruciating sting through my whole body. I yelled out in pain and pleasure, my cry ringing through the forest around us. I heard Daddy let out an evil laugh, pausing for just a second before hitting me again. And again. And again, until my cries filled the air. My chest heaved as I gasped over and over from the pain. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she set down the knife and pulled me up to a kneeling position with my arms still bound behind my back. My ass was hot with the blood of bruises blooming under my fishnets.

The sun was setting further, turning the sky a rosy shade of pink above us. Daddy came around to face me, crouching down with both hands clasped around my neck. Her eye contact was inescapable. With one hand still around my neck, she brought the other down to push aside my little bralette so that one hard nipple was released from the fabric. Her finger clasped around it and she twisted hard. A searing pain shot through my nipple and I let out a squeaky little yelp. She grinned and pushed up the bralette so that both my breasts were exposed to the cold air. She pinched my other nipple, pulling it out and to the side. The pain was mind-numbingly sharp. But as much as it hurt, I loved her hands on me. I felt warmth puddle between my legs.

            “The problem with punishing you, my little Princess, is that you like it too much, don’t you?” she asked with a disapproving look. Her eyes searched my face carefully. I tried to keep an innocent expression, but I knew my blush was giving me away. She dug her nails into my chest and dragged them painfully over my stomach and down to my waistband, then slipped her hand into my shorts. Her fingers found my wet pussy and she raised an eyebrow. “Are you wet for me, Princess?” she asked, pressing the pads of her fingers against my sensitive clit.

           I moaned involuntarily, then answered, “Yes, Daddy.”

           She narrowed her eyes and contemplated me for a moment, her bottom lip between her teeth. Her fingers continued to move against my pussy, sending waves of pleasure through me. “I’m not sure that you deserve to cum, little girl.”

           My eyes widened. “Please,” I begged, “I promise I’ll be a good girl.”

           She laughed again, still pushing her fingers on me as I dripped into her hand. Pleasure was mounting inside of me, making my body grow weak. I couldn’t feel the cold at all anymore, just the sensations radiating from my clit.

           I leaned forward into her hand, my head coming to rest on the soft flannel of her shoulder. “Please, Daddy,” I moaned into her ear.

           She pulled her hand out of my shorts abruptly and surveyed me with a stern expression. “Lay back,” she directed.

           I did as I was told, completely impervious to the icy cold beneath me as I stretched out into the snow. The chains around my hands dug painfully into my lower back. My hair pooled around my head like a little blonde pillow.

Daddy pulled off my shorts and knelt in the snow between my legs. She grabbed the knife and held it with the sharp side pointed directly at my belly. Fear rose within me as she brought the knife down to touch the skin of my stomach, hooking the blade under the threads of my fishnets. I held my breath and I tried to stay perfectly motionless for her. She yanked the blade upwards, ripping the fishnets open to create a hole that went from my belly button down to my wet pussy. A ripple of arousal passed through by body.

           “Are you going to be a good girl for me?” she asked quietly.

           I nodded, breathless with excitement.

           She shook her head disappointedly and brought the knife up to my neck, the cold edge of the blade gently pushing into my skin. I didn’t dare move a muscle. “I asked,” she said, this time in a scolding tone, “if you are going to be a good girl for me. Are you?”

           “Yes, Daddy,” I whimpered, careful not to move my neck for fear of being cut by the blade.

           She smiled ruefully, keeping knife at my neck. Her other hand gripped hard around my inner thigh, digging her fingers firmly into my skin to create what I knew would soon be bruises. “Do you want me inside you, Princess?”

           I moaned quietly at the thought. “Yes, please Daddy. I want you deep inside me.”

           She released her grip on my thigh and moved her hand up to my pussy, plunging two fingers into me with a force that made me want to cry out. I bit my lip to keep from moving. “You need to stay still and quiet Princess, or my knife will hurt you,” she warned me, hooking her fingers up to press against my g-spot. I wanted to writhe with pleasure, but I knew she was right. The cold blade was a constant reminder for me to be good. I wanted to be good for her.

           She started to move in and out of me with a slow, steady cadence. I felt her fingers stretching my pussy each time she pushed into me, filling me with a burning pleasure that coursed through my entire body. She kept the knife steady at my neck, careful not to let it move even a fraction of an inch. Her expression was focused, her movements were deliberate, like a hunter meticulously carving up her kill. My teeth dug into my bottom lip as I used all my efforts to keep still. She started fucking me faster, hitting my g-spot firmly with each stroke. The sharp knife blade pushed softly against my throat, heightening all my sensations. I opened my mouth noiselessly, my eyes clamped shut as I felt an orgasm building inside of me.

           Daddy took the blade away from my neck and threw the knife into the snow. She pushed two fingers into my mouth, pulling at my cheek. She started fucking me more roughly, pounding into me with aggressive force that made my body sing with pleasure. I started to moan, and she pressed her hand over my mouth to stifle the sound. Her face was hovering above mine, watching me intently.

           “Cum for me, Princess,” she ordered.

           I followed her command with ease, the orgasm flooding my whole body with tingling heat. “Yes, Daddy,” I sighed into her hand.

Her eyes were bright as she watched me cum, her fingers continuing to push into my pussy to coax every last drop of pleasure out of me. As the orgasm subsided, she moved her hand off of my mouth and up to stroke my hair lovingly. “Good girl,” she praised me with a smile. I lay in the snow, my chest heaving as I tried to regulate my breath. The sun had set completely, and the clearing was filled with dark shadows. The bone-chilling cold returned to my body and I started to shiver.

           “Let’s get you warm, Princess,” Daddy said sweetly, bring her hands behind my back to help me sit up. She removed the chains from my wrists and lifted me to stand, wrapping me up in a long embrace. I leaned into her, my cold body warming against hers. She rubbed her hands on my arms to warm me up. She kissed my forehead, cheeks, and nose, then my lips. “What a good girl you are for Daddy,” she said approvingly.

           “Thank you, Daddy,” I said, leaning for another long kiss.

           Daddy gathered up our things and took my hand to lead me out of the forest.  When we got back in the car, she wrapped me a soft blanket and blasted the heat. I was warm and happy and content. As she began to drive us back out onto the mountain highway, I turned to her and asked, “Was this a successful hunting trip, Daddy?”

           She turned to me and smiled. “Yes, baby,” she nodded, “you are the perfect catch.”

           I tipped my head back in laughter, “Oh my god, that’s such a dad joke. And don’t fishers call it a ‘catch’, not hunters?”

She grinned and rolled her eyes at me, “Shut up, brat.”

Disclaimer! This erotic story does not include depiction of the negotiations between Daddy and Princess that take place before this or any other scene. All kinky activities between Daddy and Princess are practiced with ethical consent and safety measures are taken to ensure no harm comes to either party. Remember, negotiation is the key to a sexy scene! When in doubt, talk it out.

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