Going Public: Taking Kink from the Bedroom to the Dungeon

I’m in a dark hotel ballroom that has been converted into a temporary kink dungeon. Red and blue shadows stretch across the dimly lit space, the bass of hard techno music rattles the chandeliers. I’m doubled over a spanking bench, my cuffed hands resting behind me on my lower back. My head has been pushedContinue reading “Going Public: Taking Kink from the Bedroom to the Dungeon”

Dom Space: An Exploration of Power

I have the handle of a paddle resting in my palm, firm and unyielding to my grasp. Beneath me, bent over the side of the bed, is Princess. Her head is pushed to the side with one flushed cheek facing up towards me, the other pressed into the mattress. She has her arms clasped behindContinue reading “Dom Space: An Exploration of Power”

Sub Aftercare: Identifying Post-Play Needs

Sometimes I want to be beaten. I want to let my breath go ragged as I lay prostrate before Daddy, feeling the floor shudder under her boots as she circles me. I want to float in a liminal space of fear and anticipation, ears pricked for the sound of leather cracking through the air beforeContinue reading “Sub Aftercare: Identifying Post-Play Needs”