Daddy Deserves to Cum: Receiving Pleasure as a Dom

Princess is cuddled into the space between my arm and chest with her head resting on my shoulder. I’ve just finished forcing orgasms out of her, one after the other in a relentless cadence that has left her pink and breathless. Her face is shining with sweat, a little smile on her round lips. We’veContinue reading “Daddy Deserves to Cum: Receiving Pleasure as a Dom”

Dom Space: An Exploration of Power

I have the handle of a paddle resting in my palm, firm and unyielding to my grasp. Beneath me, bent over the side of the bed, is Princess. Her head is pushed to the side with one flushed cheek facing up towards me, the other pressed into the mattress. She has her arms clasped behindContinue reading “Dom Space: An Exploration of Power”